Monday, March 10, 2008

Good News About the Iraq War

According to this CNN article, the Iraq war is moving in a new, positive direction. The author of the article states that the the number of deaths of U.S. soldiers has dropped from 150 a month to 50 a month. Also, the author says that the Al-Qaeda insurgency is losing its strength. These positive signs all point to one conclusion, the author says, that the Iraq war might gain support and thus the presumed Republican presidential candidate, John McCain, has a chance at winning the presidency even though he supports the Iraq war.

This article is great news; finally, the American public might get behind this war and vote for a presidential candidate who will lead us to victory. This war is winnable and if we as Americans can show renewed support and vigor for this war, then we could possibly end up drastically changing the political landscape of the Middle East for the better.

As a side note, has anyone else found it irritating and hypocritical that the same liberals who are so vocal about wanting to stop genocide in Darfur seem to care very little that Saddam Hussein committed genocide in Iraq against the Kurds in 1988? What about the very real possibility that if we pulled out of Iraq right now and allowed an extremist dictatorship to again take charge that there would be even more violence against minority groups? Are the liberals saying that Iraqi lives are less valuable than the lives of those in live in Darfur?


noah89 said...

Your argument is very thought provoking, however i disagree with your assumption of your argument that the U.S. is winning the War in Iraq. First the body count of American soldiers maybe decreasing however what progress have we made in establishing a democratic governemnt that can actually function and hold votes for its people? Also U.S. forces still have not made the streets of Iraq safe to civilians when they have been there for 5 years now. Last, the Iraqi civilian casualty rate is rising at an alarming rate. we can't get the support of the Iraqi people if we keep killing them on the streets and claiming self defense agianst unarmed people. These reasons all suggest that the U.S. is not winning the war in Iraq and are not making enough progress to be moving in a new direction.

noah89 said...

Quick note, i have one more thing to say.
You are assuming that the War in Iraq is part of THe War on terror when actually it is not becasue you can not declare war on a tactic, only a country or a special group.

Madeline said...

You make some interesting points. If, as you say, we are not making enough progress in Iraq, then what would be your next move? Should we pull out completely? Should we lower the current troop levels? If the Iraqi civilian casualty rate is too high, then what do you think we should do to lower it?

I strongly disagree with your notion that our soldiers are killing unarmed people on the streets. Do you have any data to back up your assumption?

courtney said... there is a link for you, although its just one soldier convicted. there are a lot more articles on there about soldiers killing unarmed iraqi civilians. heres some more good news about the iraq war, 4000 soldiers are dead (and their families suffering), and the war will cost us trillions of dollars. sounds great!